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“He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special” review


Well, if you can’t guess what this will be like by the title…
Yeah, I feel confident enough with my mescaline masculine side to review this. Sure. It’s a gonzo Christmas special with He-Man and She-Ra, and it’s basically as demented as you’d think.
The little wizard guy Orko stows away on a spaceship and ends up going to Earth where he meets two annoying children who explain Christmas to him (oh boy…) Then they all go back to Eternia and get in a wacky adventure involving big, mean robots and little, nice robots. The usual He-Man/She-Ra villains are also involved and this leads to one of the greatest and best ridiculous moments in 80’s cartoon history:
Skeletor getting all sappy when the annoying children tell him about Christmas, which leads to him rescuing said annoying children and hugging a puppy. Hahahahaha!!!

The Best Parts:
1 minute in – OK, already this special is hurting my brain with it’s Peacock woman.
3 minutes in – Zaphod!
5 minutes in – Sufferin’ Sappho!
8 minutes in – Ow, the part of my brain that understands physics. Psy-yi-yi... duck?
9 minutes in – Funny how the question of rescuing the annoying children in a more conventional way never occurred to him.
11 minutes in – Oh… boy…
12 minutes in – Poor little Orko has got to be *so* confused by now.
13 minutes in – Yeah, She-Ra’s theme song is better.
15 minutes in – Beast-Monster?
21 minutes in – “Everybody knows who Santa is!” – Orko
23 minutes in – Bow’s Sh**ty Christmas Song!
27 minutes in – Aw, he’s like a Wheeler from “Return to OZ” – but not terrifying!
30 minutes in – No! It is obviously the BAD kind of puppy in disguise!
33 minutes in – Here we go…
35 minutes in – Awww!
36 minutes in – So, wait, the Snowbeast gets a cracked coccyx for Christmas?
37 minutes in – Ooh, I saw where that shot hit.
39 minutes in – So, Horde Prime doesn’t get to go to the Christmas party?
41 minutes in – Awww…
42 minutes in – Er, your children just reappeared in a flash of light wearing magical belts – and you’re going to vehemently deny their tale of adventures in a magical land?

Classic Lines of Dialogue:
Annoying Child 1: “Christmas is lots of fun. We get presents and we do a lot of fun things.”
Skeletor: “You mean you get in FIGHTS!”
Annoying Child 2: “No we do FUN things!”
Skeletor: “But fights are FUN!”

“They are changing into other forms! What EVIL robots!” – Swiftwind, resenting the Transformers a little

~*~ Poetry Corner ~*~
“Love and caring! / Peaceful bliss! / Joys of sharing! / Happiness!” – Bow’s Sh**ty Christmas Song

Things I Learned from this Movie/Book/Whatever:
* – Eternia’s got a crazier population than I ever could have imagined.
* – Black Mages need to stay away from rockets.
* – Unicorns are awesome. (Not as awesome as Dragons, but a close second.)
* – If your boss is an evil dead wizard, don’t make him angry.
* – Flower Fairies are almost chillingly flippant about the flowers they create.
* – Mermaids have rather odd accents.
* – Unicorns are willing to put up with a lot.
* – “Not everybody celebrates Christmas, but the Christmas Spirit is in us all!” – He-Man

Things That Can Save Any Movie:
Cool Creatures?
Sure, even though they’re all based on the same basic body mold.
Good Soundtrack? No.
Hot Guys? No.
Pretty Scenery? No.
Nifty Animation/Special Effects/Illustrations? Very No. In fact…

Drinking Game Potential? …drink when you see a blaringly obvious animation mistake.

Head Movie Potential? Yes.

Rating: Jordan rating (3)
Jordan. I was actually kinda disappointed that this wasn’t as unintentionally hilarious as I’d hoped – but the Skeletor subplot is precious.
A Filmation Film made in 1985. Written by Bob Foreman and Don Heckman and directed by Bill Read and Ernie Schmidt.
John Erwin, Melendy Britt, Alan Oppenheimer, and George DiCenzo.
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